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We Provide an Affordable Metal Building Service

Are you looking for a construction contractor that provides a top-drawer metal building service in Tyler, TX? Our company is the natural choice for your project. At B&W Construction & Landscaping, we have been in business for about 25 years and we have successfully carried out numerous jobs of various scale and complexity. Our deep knowledge of the industry allows us to perfectly organize and execute construction projects without any complications and costly delays.  


Well-Equipped Builders  


We have the technical capacity and materials to erect metal framed, pole building and steel arch edifices. The structures that we construct are suitable for a variety of industries such as:


  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
  • Storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Garage
  • Residential Construction  


At B&W Construction & Landscaping, we will walk the extra mile in order to meet your demands and complete your project within the timetable that you have given us. All our clients are beyond satisfied with our metal building service because it is comprehensive, affordable and more importantly offers them a reliable solution that covers in full their personal criteria of quality.

Work with Responsible Contractors  


We work in accord with the highest standards of the construction industry. We also follow strictly all safety protocols and the local building laws. Our company is a paragon of professionalism and proficiency, which is the primary factor behind our longevity. We never take gambles and we always double check everything because we know how important it is to construct a solid and stable structure that can withstand time and the natural elements. It is our attentive approach that has made us the favorite contractors of numerous Tyler, TX residents and business owners.  


Affordable Services  


Our prices are reasonable and will undoubtedly fit into your construction budget. We also make special discounts which will lower furthermore the building costs. Verify our claim by contacting us today and request a free estimate. Our quote will not only prove to you that our rates are indeed cost-effective but it will also give you the opportunity to learn in advance how much our assistance will cost you.  

(903) 376-3182 is the number that you should call today in order to book us for your upcoming construction project.